I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of everyone connected with the production to thank you for your belief and support - Jayson Bartlett writer/director




The History of Now is indeed an amazing project. I find the storytelling mechanism very compelling and the character relationships moving. I congratulate you on this meaningful and complicated expression of our human emotions. 

- M Grace Sutton


This brilliant body of work holds up a mirror in front of all of us. You may want to look away but you can’t simply because each of us plays a role in ‘ The History of Now’! The writer Jayson, evokes soul searching and those truthful but difficult conversations of our past painful history. We shy away from those sometimes cruel and inhumane mistakes. The question for me is… ‘ If we’re not willing to face nor own the truth of our past history… how are we EVER going to change the present and create a better, more inclusive future?  If we don’t, those mistakes will become in the future ‘ Our History Of Now’!  Thank you for this amazingly profound gift!!

- Christiana Toole - New York, United States

"Deep words that touch the soul" 

- Zhannata Berengalieva. Samara, Russia 

"This is what we need at this time for all humanity. It would be so easy to jump on the train going backward but thankfully so many of us still look forward to each tomorrow and bring the memories to remind us of the excitement of great times and smarter than to repeat the mistakes of complacency."

- Linda Barnes. California, United States


Well said. We have forgotten where we came from and who we are

- Faika Ibrahim Rahi Kano, Nigeria

Jayson, thank you for your belief in us and for bringing us such an amazing script. We are the Fortunate ones! I'm as excited about this like you are! I also can't wait for the world to see your talented writing!

- Camille Matthews

Wow! Amazing...congratulations. Can't wait to see this

- Maureen Watson

It is VITAL that humanity gets the authentic history of who we ARE and that we must turn from the created and engineered Rat Race and back to the HUMAN RACE

Wishing I was in the Big Apple to see this

Sadly the Big Apple is becoming rotten from the very facets that you are revealing!!!

Well done and am sending peace and positivity for this to reach into humanity so we may heal the segregation 

- Addy McNeill Sanders