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There is not one word written either in research or script that was not crafted through the inspiration of music and song. The varied genres of Jazz, classical, rock, pop and folk have orchestrated the rhythm of set, character, and scene that is the foundation of this emotional story. Nightly hours slipped beneath the abandoned covers of my bed that flickered by candlelight as my silhouette placed its mark upon the canvas of lost moments that live proudly in my work, that will find new life in the original score being composed by award-winning Italian composer Alberto Bellavia.

For now, I settle back in my mind silently walking through each undressed delicate moment that will through the artistry of musical composition blossom and grow creating colorful shadows upon each word, movement, and moment to heighten the experience of the audience, cast, and indeed myself. So, the strings of Adagio no longer vibrate, the inspirational words of "The Impossible Dream" fall silent, and the haunting words of "Imagine" stand guard upon the symphonic splendor of the "History of Now" orchestral soundtrack to be shared beyond the closing of the curtain and replayed upon the opening of the mind as the story seeps and grows within those who bear witness to the art of creation that stands unapologetically to offer hope, love and courage and maybe its own inspiration...       

"The stage production History of Now represents for me the possibility to tell with my music, a great story, intense, deep, that I am sure will touch the heart of everyone who will see it. It is a great honor for me to be part of this profound piece of work and to work alongside such creative artists In preparing and producing something that will be remembered forever." - Alberto Bellavia Music Composer